Lela Scott
PO Box 4841
Crestline CA 92325

Comprehensive Financial Services for Individuals and Small Business Owners in the Lake Arrowhead and Crestline area of Southern California.


Lela Scott
Real Estate Broker and
Tax Consultant

California Real Estate Broker License #01462323

IRS PTIN Number P00115716
Treasury E-File Provider #307469

 California Tax Education Council #A036214

Office Location
6346 Brockton Ave Unit 104
Riverside CA 92506

Mailing Address
PO Box 2172
Riverside CA 92516


By Appointment Only

For Appointments
Office 951-203-8019

What does Sceot Free mean???

In 12th-century England, a"scot" or "sceot" was a municipal tax paid to the local bailiff or sheriff (the word came from an Old Norse cognate of "shoot"/"shot", and meant "money thrown down").

The word "scot-free", which is recorded from the 13th century, referred to someone who succeeded in dodging these taxes.
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